Custom made cases

There are standard cases but COMO can make the case that suits your need. Whatever the diameter, whatever the quantity of gauges, whatever the handle you want or even the class (gauge tolerance), COMO can create your case. There are 3 case sizes: small 120 x 90 x 70 mm (L x w x h), medium (240 x 165 x 105) and large (360 x 200 x 105). Depending on your requirements, we select the appropriate box and drill the board in the format of the ordered gauges. 

You just need to ask, we always find the appropriate solution.

In the picture, we created a custom made case with blue handles. Several cases have been created with differently coloured handles: red, green, yellow and blue. The cases are the same (gauges quantity and diameter) but the handles have a different colors.

This is quite useful when there are several workshops. Each workshop has its specific case of gauges and colour, this prevents any dispute between workshops which generally is a loss of time for everyone.

Optez pour le manche couleur et évitez les discussions entre collègues !

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Without handle case

Here is a COM specific box for a customer who needed a box of pin gauge without handle. We have updated the box configuration and custom drilled the support for the ordered pin gauges. Nevertheless, it is more complicated to use a pin gauge whithout handle because the pin diameter is not engraved on the pin gauge.

So we engraved the diameter on the end of the pin gauge and put a label with the pin gauge diameter on the board beside each space. This enabled the operator to replace the gauge in the correct space.

COMO always finds the solution to satisfy you, whatever your needs, we have a solution, so don't hesitate, try us, we give you an estimate very quickly, contact Sophie Demesse

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Case for small diameters

Les piges de contrôle ARI au diamètre inférieur à 1.00mm en coffret peuvent avoir plusieurs types de manche : les manches plastiques noirs ou les manches hexagonaux en aluminium anodisé noirs ou couleurs. L'avantage des manches anodisés est que nous pouvons graver un numéro d'identification sur le manche et faire étalonner les piges par un laboratoire de métrologie.

There are 3 different cases:

  • From the Ø 0.10 to 0.50 per 0.01: 41 gauges.
  • From the Ø 0.50 to 1.00 per 0.01: 51 gauges.
  • From the Ø 0.50 to 1.00 per 0.05: 11 gauges.
But the ARI doesn't stop at the standard, create your own case: choose the diameter of your gauges, the tolerance of the gauges, the handles and we will offer a custom made case. Feel free to contact us on +33 1 43 33 27 96
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Low-cost cases

The LOW COST cases aren't ARI gauges and thus aren't manufactured in France. They simply complement a range that ARI did not offer (gauges without handle in LU 50 MM). We offer 6 cases from the Ø 0.50 to 6.00 per 0.01

The gauges have a tolerance of +/- 1μm but we guarantee the class 2 that is to say +/- 1,5μm.

Whatever the diameter may be, the gauges have a working length of 50 mm and are without handle. They are in individual packaging with the inscription of the diameter starting from Ø 1.00.

The cases are available and deliverable immediately.