Making of mechanical parts for any industry

Our team manufacture parts from plan (prototypes, small and medium batches) while guaranteeing you the shortest delivery time frames on the market and the highest quality our clients demand.

Our machines

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Milling and turning operations

Lazer Engravement

We realize custom-made engravements on any plastic and metal devices. Here is a logo on a high end headphone.

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Custom-made parts

We create custom-made parts on request

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We create custom-made parts for replacing parts that cannot be found in store any more.

For an interior designer, we made table legs in steel, axis in stainless steel and other parts in brass, copper, aluminium... For the installation of a custom-made shower, we made a part in stainless steel with a bearing enabling the door to pivot.

For an advertiser, we made a personalised exposition support for a major brand of beauty products.

For a creator of stained glasses, we manufactured supports out of stainless steel, creation in custom-made glass.

You have an idea ? You wish to produce a prototype and to verify its feasibility, consult us, we support you to make your project become a reality

Casters for French windows made for a glazier.

For several years, we have been remaking the casters of French windows for a glazier. 

Instead of changing all the French windows of a house, a store or a building, the glazier gives us the defective model, we change the bearings, and remake the caster exactly as it was. 

We often add our personal touch to it by replacing for example the plastic with stainless steel, a much more durable material.

The replacement of the casters is much less expensive than the replacement of the whole French window which becomes as good as new.

More economical and better for the environment.
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Door handles

For a large parisian hotel

The latter wished to reproduce existing door handles and the model didn't exist anymore on the market. From an example, we were able to remake the part and offer the complement the hotel was missing. Fabrication of nearly 100 parts

Fabrication of a prototype for customer's agreement, then machining, welding, chromium plating, which gave an impeccable result. In the end,   the hotel did not need to replace all of its handles.

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Window hinges

For a parisian department store

At the request of an interior designer, we manufactured window hinges. Decorative parts in a Parisian department store

We made a prototype for him to verify the design.

Parts in chromed brass.