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The gauge with a custom made diameter

ARI pin gauge with 3 digits is a grinded gauge with a micron precisio. Standard tolerence is +/-1µ, it can also be a class 1 tolerance (+/-0.5µ). Pin gauges are grinded in our factory, this allow us to make it the day of your order and deliver it to you the following day.

We do carry a stock with every diameter from Ø 0.10 to Ø 20.00 per 100th, this allows us to be particularly fast in delivering your order in case of emergency: the pin gauge ordered on the morning, can be grinded during the day, controlled and pack by the end of the day, and you receive your order the following day by 13:00 in France and most countries in Europe. Feel free to ask us for any specific country.

A laser engraving with the diameter of the gauge will specifically be carried out on the hexagonal handle.

The double plug gauge or double pin gauge

We make DLG in accordance with the standard NFE 02-202 (French standard). The specificity of our DLG is that the length of the gauge is superior to the DLG standards.

You give us minimum and maximum diameter, and from these elements we will calculate the tolerances of your DLG. Then, we use a central handle with a 60 mm length on which we carry out a laser engraving in order to write the information you want to write: E/NEP (go/no go); MIN/MAXI or even GO/NO GO.

Toujours avec la même volonté de résoudre au plus vite votre problème, nous demandons 2 semaines de délai pour réaliser votre TLD mais nous nous adaptons à votre entreprise en cas d'urgence.

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Two-diameter gauge

We make custom made two diameters pin gauges, you send us your requirements and we tell you the feasibility of the part(s).

Usually, custom made parts are manufactured, rectified and grounded in our factory. On this example, the handle and the gauge is the same part. Lengths and materials are made according to your needs. We can engrave the part with your company name.

Custom made parts can be made in carbide as well.

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Custom made length

If our standard lenghts are too shorts for your requirements, we provide custom made lenghts, up to 40 mm for pin gauges from Ø 0.10 to 0.29 ; 50 mm for pin gauges from Ø 0.30 à 0.99, then up to 100 mm from Ø 1.00 to 20.00 mm. 

We can also make custom made gauges with non-standard lengths of gauges and handles, feel free to contact us so we can fullfil your requirements.