The TOTALEC process : Very practical when the nuts have to be strongly tightened and frequently screwed/unscrewed

TOTALEC hydraulic nuts are tightened by hand until they make contact with the part. Locking of the nut is by means of increased pressure on a grease reservoir, acting on a support ring, which is applied to the parts to be fastened. By reaction, the nut locks against the sides of the threads without deforming them.

Hydraulic nuts in standard format or made-to-measure

Type TL: activated by an Allen key

Type TLP: activated by grease gun

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Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture

Totalec Type TLP : activated by grease compressor

The TOTALEC process

TYPE TL (spanner version)

Hydraulic pressure is obtained by the action on a piston of a screw driven by a hexagonal spanner.
The nut is unlocked by the displacement of the volume of grease as the piston returns.

TYPE TLP (pump version)

Hydraulic pressure is produced by an external source: manual, pneumatic compressor, existing hydraulic supply etc... Maintained pressure and leak-tightness are assured by high pressure non-return greasers and special seals which can tolerate variations in temperature from -20° to +110° under continuous operation. The nut is unlocked as the bleed screw is released and the pressure is released.

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TOTALEXPANS hydraulic boxes or chucks

TOTALEXPANS hydraulic expansion boxes and chucks are based on the principle of the deformation of its thin steel sides, as far as elasticity allows, by expansion or contraction.

The expansion or contraction is obtained by hydraulic pressure under the action of a piston which compresses a fluid.

The pressure is evenly distributed across all points, thus allowing perfectly concentric expansion.

Piston travel is limited to avoid permanent deformation or rupture of the liner.

The quality of the steels used allows expansion and contraction of our chucks and boxes without any risk of permanent deformation or work hardening.

Replacement Parts

COMO can repair your TOTALDATOR. You have a TOTALDATOR product which no longer works normally. All you need to do is to send your equipment to us, and we shall make it like new. 

If you wish, we can also provide you with the replacement parts: greasers, clips, control screws, ball purge screws, seal kits, pistons, pumps, pressure gauges, flexible hoses etc.

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